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What to Include on Your Resume
• Name
• Phone number where you can be reached
• Address
• Objective
• Past job experience
• Education
• Skills
• References

• Always go to an interview alone.
• Plan to arrive 10 minutes early.
• Be prepared with some basic knowledge of the company and the job you are applying for. Look at the company’s website prior to your interview.
• Dress appropriately. APPEARANCE COUNTS! First impressions are made by your appearance. -- - Be conservative with the amount of jewelry worn
- Avoid strong perfumes or colognes
- Make sure hair is clean and styled
- Dress in a business-like manner in conservative colors
- Hands should be neatly manicured
- Men should have a freshly shaven face
- Women should strive for the natural look in make-up
- Make sure that your shoes are shined
• Be prepared with your resume and have prepared questions to ask the interviewer.
• If you fill out an application make sure all the information is correct. Most companies will perform reference checks.
• Turn your cell phone off.
• Greet your interviewer with a smile and firm handshake.
• Dispose of gum prior to entering the building.
• Do not smoke in the car on your way to an interview.
• Maintain good posture when being interviewed and maintain eye contact.
• Don't make any negative comments about past employers.
• Answer the questions in full rather than a nod or saying "yes" or "no".
• Do not discuss personal problems
• Do not discuss salary, benefits, vacations etc. on a first interview. If you are asked about salary, tell them what you earned in the past.
• Never leave the interview without knowing follow-up procedures.
• Leave promptly when the interview is over.
• Express appreciation for the interview with a follow-up letter or email. Make an attempt to get all interviewers business cards

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